Meet the CEO and Owners of Flying South

Jamie Skeie is the CEO of Flying South. You can contact him direct at [email protected]. You can also read his books at All books listed on Flying South will ship to you in Paperback format. You can also read his Kindle books on Amazon. Jamie Skeie was born in Iowa City, Iowa. on May 19, 1980. After graduating high school, Jamie moved to New York City and became a SAG-AFTRA Actor. He lived in New York City for five years while working in Film, TV, Commercials, Theatre, and Modeling. On September 11, 2001, Jamie was a first responder at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center. His heart will always go out to the families of the victims of the terrible tragedy. To help cope, Jamie got an African Grey parrot, whom he named after the constellation, Orion's Belt. Jamie soon invented The Adventure Pack Pet Carrierâ„¢. This product benefits parrots and their owners by allowing them to safely travel with their parrot.

As the business grew, Jamie moved to Los Angeles to continue developing and distributing exotic pet products. Later, he continued to pursue his acting career in Los Angeles. Having children of his own, he was inspired to write children's books. Jamie published his first children's book, Orion the Star: The Pink Dolphin, in 2019. The book series features an African Grey superstar parrot, who flies from the stars to save all creatures in distress. Two faithful sidekicks, dogs named Canis Major and Canis Minor, follow along to assist Orion in the rescues. The second book in the series is called, The Purple Purse Merman. His books help people who are going through difficult times.

Jamie and his fiancée, Ashley, now reside in Henderson, Nevada. They met September 9, 2017 and have been in love ever since. As they manufacture products for exotic pets, Jamie has been continuing to write new books. Jamie is currently writing a new book that Ashley is going to illustrate. Jamie and Ashley enjoy foraging in the desert and mountains to find the safest materials for exotic animals. They also work in the workshop, together. They put a lot of love into making each parrot perch, toy, and product.

They love going out in the desert, foraging for the most dangerous cactus, The Teddy Bear Cholla. This cactus is also known as the Jumping Cactus. Jamie and Ashley have been poked many times by these dangerous cacti. The cactus is like a pile of tennis balls with thousands of sharp needles sticking out of them. The cactus is like magnetic tennis balls that really do jump at you. It is a true adventure. There are venomous snakes, gila monsters, lizards, and scorpions in some areas where they gather materials. This power couple loves an adventure, and they feel good in their hearts, knowing they are making exotic animals happier and healthier.

Some History and the Future of Flying South

Flying South is a family owned business. The business first opened in 2001 when The Adventure Pack Pet Carrierâ„¢ was introduced to the avian marketplace. New canvas backpacks will be available soon for customers who own stainless steel adventure pack pet carriers. Flying South will be introducing a new adventure pack in the future. Flying South also made foraging bird toys a trend, since 2001, when they showcased their Yucca Bird Toys to the parrot community.

Now, Flying South has a brand new adventure for birds, parrots, and all exotic animals. Flying South is introducing a new line of Teddy Bear Cholla products. This cholla wood creates an adventure for all animals. Each piece is huge and unique. The sanded cholla wood gives parrots a true comfort, unlike any other bird perch. All bird toy parts are 100% bird safe. Flying South uses bird safe materials to create all of their products. You will find products made of Teddy Bear Cholla, Yucca, Pine, Poplar, and Stainless Steel. Safety, comfort, and adventure is what creates the foundation of Flying South. With a huge assortment of exotic pet products, you will also find wholesale and distributor pricing is available. Some pet owners have a whole flock, so this makes it easier for them to order in larger quantities.

Drop Shipping and Free Shipping

Drop shipping is also available for pet stores. You simply keep a credit card on file, and Flying South ships out all your orders to your customers. Free Shipping is also offered on all orders over $25. This includes wholesalers and distributors. 

All products are collected and crafted in the United States of America. Please email [email protected] to purchase products or ask questions. Thank you.

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